Current maintenance  - this is maintenance of the elements of the permanent way between the overhaul periods. This includes the following:

  • Control of the tracks `s and structures` condition;
  • Prevention of failures and troubleshooting;
  • Increase the service life of all elements of the track and its structures.

We carry out all kinds of regular preventive and emergency operations. With the aid of the Ltd. "Monolit" you will not have to have your own railroad track maintenance staff.

Current maintenance of railway track is divided into:

Planning and preventive work:

  • adjusting the width of the rail track
  • adjusting of clearances
  • correction of the track profile
  • leveling
  • changing of crossing sleepers and fastenings
  • a single change in the conversion of bars and fasteners
  • partial replacement of the ballast
  • planning roadside embankment
  • cleaning the drainage facilities
  • other activities

Urgent works are to take timely measures to eliminate and prevent disorders of the way, threatening the safe movement of trains.